I am not positive why this story has struck such a strong chord with me. It might be because I am a white woman who married and had children with a brown man. My children vary in skin tone and have wild uncontrollable hair. At the end of the day, my children are a product of my husband and I. His genetics, obviously more powerful than mine. I often joke that I would like a maternity test, simply because they look nothing like me.

As a parent, I would be upset if my child lied about their race or lineage. My children are part of me and that would be devastating. I understand that she claims to identify with African-American culture and feels that she is a Black woman. However, it seems that her “feelings” have a tendency to change. I agree with Matt Lauer and his statement that she is “deceiving” people for her benefit. To Rachel I say, “Be whoever, whatever, you want, to be. But Rachel, please do not lie.” If you have no interest in having a relationship with your family, that is your choice, but you cannot change your genetics.

When my children were old enough to come home and ask, “Mommy, why is my skin a different color than my friends?” It was a quick answer, “Honey, you are a mix of Mommy and Daddy. Mommy is white and Daddy is brown. So together, you are a beautiful Caramel Macchiato.” Mommy loves Starbucks, so she understood the reference.

Lying to gain leverage in the NAACP, or for financial or political gain is wrong no matter what color you are. That has nothing to do with the color of your skin, that is simply a portrait of your character. We are growing and changing as a nation. It is wonderful to see tolerance and respect for others grow and flourish. However, I find it sad and disheartening to witness someone lie under the guise “racial complexity.” From one mother to another; Rachel, honesty is the best policy.
About the author: Meredith is a work from home mother of three, who spends most of her time saving for pre-paid therapy for her future adult children. Let’s be honest, they might not all go to college, but odds are they will all need a therapist at some point. Meredith writes about the inappropriate side of marriage and motherhood on her blog, thatsinappropriate.net. She is also a contributor on the parenting team at today.com. You can track her down on Medium , Facebook and on the Huffington Post

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